How to Take Care of Your Face on a Budget

There are many things you can do to keep your skin healthy and vibrant, many of which are universal to all skin types, which will not break the bank. Here are a few of the major ingredients to beautiful facial skin on a budget:

Do Not Smoke: Absolutely do not smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smoking poisons your skin as it does the rest of your body. It sucks the life out of your skin leaving it dry, tinged, and pasty. It is impossible for a smoker to ever have truly beautiful skin.

Do Not Drink Excessively: A little elbow-bending now and again should not do your skin any permanent damage. However, excessive alcohol use poisons your skin as well as cigarette smoke. Take a close-up look at an end-stage alcoholic some day. Then, ask yourself if you ever want that skin on you face.

Sun: We have all heard much about the connection between the sun and skin cancer. We cannot bake in the sun until our skin rivals that of a crusty lobster and we must use a protective sun block when spending prolonged periods in the bright sunshine. However, sun in moderation is wonderful for your skin. The sun nourishes your skin with necessary vitamins but it is best never to go out into the sun without a moisturizer.

Moisturize: If you have normal or dry skin: Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! This simple, little action cannot be stressed enough. Begin using a moisturizer on your skin in your teens and never stop. Use it up until the day your skin leaves this earth. As long as you are alive, never stop moisturizing. It is the best combatant against future dry lines and wrinkles. It also makes your skin look and feel smoother and healthier right now, today. Moisturizing should be done in two steps: day and night.

Day Crème: Use a soft, light crème for daytime wear. I recommend Burt’s Bees Marshmallow Crème as it is inexpensive, all natural, glides onto your skin and absorbs easily. Absorption is important in a day crème for three reasons: 1. you do not want to have to wait, 2. you want to be able to apply make-up easily, and 3. you do not want a greasy, shiny appearance to your face when you face the world. The main thing is that you use a crème of your choice, everyday, without fail.
Night Crème: A good night crème is much more penetrating than a day crème. I recommend Burt’s Bee’s Evening Primrose Crème. Again, just as in the daytime, be sure to apply the cream every night.

Lumene also offers a nice line of products that can be purchased inexpensively at your local pharmacy or on the Internet.

Facial Cleanser: Never wash your face with bar soap, not even moisturized soap. Use a crème facial cleanser made by the brands mentioned above or a brand of your choice. Wash your face every morning and in the evening to remove make-up. Do not over-wash your face if you have dry skin, even if you are using moisturizer, for you will only exacerbate the problem.

Exfoliate: You may laugh, but one of the best and most inexpensive ways to exfoliate your skin is to use good, old-fashioned baking soda. Wash your face with it once a week and rinse well. Of course, you can purchase an exfoliating crème if you want to waste money. Baking soda is less than $1.00 per box and you will get many applications.

Facial Masque: A facial mask is very important for deep-cleansing of the skin. However, some products may be harsh on sensitive skin. I recommend Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque. It really leaves my skin feeling refreshed and renewed without irritation. It also helps with acne and shrinks enlarged pores. All it takes is fifteen minutes and all it costs is $3.79 for an 8 oz. tube. At a masque per week it will last quite a long time.

Facial Massager: At first this may not sound like a budget item. A nice facial massager with brush, sponge and roller attachments costs about $35.00 and a heated massager with attachments, which I highly recommend, costs about $50.00. However, this is a budget item in the long run for it will last for many years to come and do wonders for your skin.

Take good care of your face and it will help you to face the world.

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