Sleeping with Dogs – is it Healthy?

The answer to the question, “Should you sleep with your dog?” depends on who you ask. Some say it’s perfectly healthy and soothing to allow your dog in your bed. Others say it’s filthy and disgusting. Who’s right? There is really no right answer to this question. It’s simply a matter of considering the arguments for and against. Is it healthy to sleep with your dog? Consider these five arguments.

Do you have pet allergies? If so, sleeping with your dog might not be the best idea. Sneezing and wheezing your way through the night is no way to get the healthy sleep you need. Some folks do it anyway. How? They just take their allergy medicine at bedtime. Apparently, they feel it’s a small price to pay in order to snuggle up to Fido.

What if Fido has contracted a mean case of the fleas? Sleeping with dogs can have you cursing tiny itchy, scratchy bites. Think healthy dogs don’t get fleas? Let’s face it. Even the most diligent of pet owners may find their dog suffering from flea infestation. If you have a habit of letting your dog sleep in the bed with you, better think about some flea prevention meds. Otherwise, it’s just not healthy to sleep with your dog.

Consider your dog’s sleeping habits. Does your dog run in his sleep, hog the blankets or reverse directions while sleeping? You could find yourself poked, prodded and pummeled more than you would like. Doggy breath and other unpleasant odors are another complication you should consider before sleeping with your dog.

Is your dog clean? Your canine friends don’t shower and brush their teeth before bed. What does your dog do in the course of a day? Where have your dogs feet been? If the answer is digging in mudholes, your sheets could pay the price. If your dog sleeps with you, you might consider more frequent dog grooming habits.

Sleeping with your dog could be unhealthy for your sex life. Having Fido in the bed could be quite awkward when it comes to physical intimacy with your spouse or life partner. If your dog sleeps with you, it may be necessary to make other arrangements on occasion. If your dog enjoys his sleeping arrangement, making changes might result in a lot of howling and scratching at the door. Not exactly an atmosphere conducive to lovemaking.

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