Five Junk Foods You Thought Were Good for You

Just because it looks like it may be good for you, does not always mean that it is. There are many things that seem like they are good for you, or even say they are good for you, but in reality they are not that good for you.

Banana Chips

While they may be all natural, this don’t mean they may be good for you. Often people buy these because they are sold at all the health food stores. Just because it gets sold there, does not always mean its good for you. When they make the banana chips they cut up bananas and fry them in coconut oil. They also add sugar and extra banana flavor. By the time you eat these, you could have went out and had a hamburger for the same amount of fat.

Pepperidge Farm Flaky crust pot pie

Found near your health food in the freezer section. The make this product seem like it’s now healthy because they have changed the crust. When you look at the nutritional information you think that it is indeed healthy. But if you look close you will find out why it has made this list. The nutritional value is for half of the pie. That’s right, they changed the servings on the case. I don’t know about you, But when you eat a pot pie, you eat the whole thing. Not half. Eat the whole pot pie and that’s 1020 calories. That’s just for one pot pie. Hope you like water, because that is about all you can have after eating this food.

McDonald’s Chicken Selects

So the kids are hungry and they want McDonald’s. Yeah, we have all been there. My kids love to eat at this place. It’s okay for them to have once in a while, after all if you eat there, they can run off all them extra calories. But for you, Not so good. You think it would be okay as long as you order something a bit more healthy. Well don’t choose these chicken selects because these selects have around the same calories as the plain chicken nuggets do. They have more sodium then a big mac has in it. So tell me are the Chicken selects any better then the rest of the food. Well the answer is easy for that one. No.

Veggie Chips

You think just because they say veggie on them they must be good for you. Wrong. If you look at most of the veggie chips they sell, there is not much difference then regular potato chips. On average veggie chips contain 140 calories per ounce. Now, look at your favorite potato chips and you will see on average there is around 150 calories for an ounce. So there is about a 10 calorie difference. To me, that’s not enough calories to convince me of giving up my favorite potato chips. The veggie chips are deep fried just like potato chips. Why would you think these would be so much better for you. The answer to my own questions is because they said veggie on them, you just assume that means they are good for you.

Yogurt Covered Raisins

Yogurt is good for you, Raisins are good for you, so why did these items put together make this list. The answer is simple. They add more things in these products to make them eatable. The saturated fat is high, the sugar is off the charts and the calories are very high for small servings.

These are just some of the foods that I came up with. There are many more. Start paying attention to what you eat, you never know it could be undercover.