Family Support Swat Team

Many people today suffer daily with extreme frustrations due to their disabilities. They want us to help them, even when they say they don’t. They may go on, and on, about wanting to buy something that they know you will say no about. The frustration in their minds may be so intense. Sometimes, when this happens they feel the need to compulse about something that entertains them, in order to ease their emotional pain. This is very real to them.

These individuals are smart in many ways. They know they need something to calm them down. They want this anxiety to go away. One way they try to do this is by using the outlet that gives them the most enjoyment at any specific time. Here are a few examples:

Over spending

Over eating

Over sleeping

Any subject of interest

These examples are all fine in moderation; however sometimes too much of a good thing can turn ugly. I know someone who has emotional problems due to an illness. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Her illness leaves her mind all torn up when the slightest emotion upsets her.

During these times family support system is needed to be called into action whenever necessary. The family members of someone who has trouble with their emotions should stay in contact with the struggling victim with such anxieties.

This type of family support system may be thought of as a family swat team. It’s an emergency call to action that needs immediate care, and assistance. Individuals that suffer from these types of disabilities are frustrated more than the observers think they are.

Members of the family support swat team should give as many people their phone numbers as possible. Inform these people why you want them involved. Tell them about their emotional battles. Ask them for their feedback. Then work together when these types of onsets occur. Life is hard for both parties here. Having a good support system may just be the answer to calming loved ones tears.

Think how you would want to be treated. Then, the answers will be clearer when focus is restored.

Here is a link with many different types of support groups. Click the one that is of help to you for better understanding. It’s just a click away.