How to Lose Weight Healthily

Losing weight is the main topic occupying the minds of many Americans right now. It is something which many people have not been able to stop thinking about for nearly their entire lives, or for at least several years. The fact is, many Americans are obsessed with loosing weight because of the media images which they are constantly bombarded with. Along with these media images usually come all sorts of diet secrets of the stars. Unfortunately, many of those people are naturally very thin, extremely airbrushed, and starve themselves.

The simple fact, which is also the easiest to forget and overlook, is that without being truly happy with yourself, to matter how think you are, you are not going to be any happier. If you are happy with yourself, and just want to feel better and be healthier, weight loss can be truly gratifying.

Here are some important tips which will help anyone feel better and healthier with the great side-effect of weight loss.

Eat (and enjoy) Breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Statistics show that those who do not eat breakfast have a higher BMI (body mass index). It is very important to start the day off with some good-quality calories in your system. This way, your body will start off the day being able to have and maintain a high metabolism. Those who do not eat breakfast are only delaying the start of the metabolic process, and this is what makes us able to burn calories and thus lose weight.

Pay Attention to What you Drink

It is easy to leave out drinks when one thinks about the calories consumed for the day. A can of soda has about 150 calories, and many juice drinks which seem healthy can contain even more sugar and thus calories. Also, even diet soda can have adverse effects on weight loss. The ingredient phenylalanine, which is found in most diet sodas, can actually cause your metabolism to freeze so that it can’t increase throughout the day. Weight loss can be stunted also by substituting soda and juices for water. Water, being hydrated, is a major way in which your body can efficiently burn calories.

Start Gradually

Weight loss is something which one thinks about, gets really excited about, makes many plans for, and then gets burnt out after a couple days or weeks of working really hard and seeing little to no results, or just can’t maintain the drastic lifestyle change. It is easy to get excited about weight loss, and good to want to go all out, but it is really important to be realistic. At first, when loosing weight, one has to make small changes. Doing small things like eating just a little less at each meal, cutting back on food items which you know are detrimental, and exercising a small amount more than you were all will greatly increase your chances for success in weight loss. When these small items are conquered, it will be easy to increase to the next level. Weight loss will seem a lot less overwhelming this way, and you will be more likely to follow through with your goals.

Eat Constantly

This might seem crazy, but eating a little bit all throughout the day will actually help you to loose weight. One of the most dangerous things one can do while trying to control weight is to get really hungry. Hunger is the worst enemy of the dieter. Hunger usually equals binging. Also, when you are hungry, not only is your every thought directed towards food, but your metabolism is not performing at its peak. Our bodies cannot burn fat and calories without the metabolism directing the process. People who starve themselves actually gain more weight. This is because when we starve ourselves our bodies freak out. They don’t know when the next meal is coming, so any food you eat at all with be held onto tightly, immediately turned into fat. Eating little healthy meals throughout the day keeps the body ready and able to burn calories.

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Losing weight doesn’t have to be the battle of the millennium. These simple steps will prove successful for anyone who commits to them.

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