How Honey Can Keep You Healthy

That golden, sweet, thick, liquid that we call honey is not just a sweetener for foods and baking, honey has so much more to offer us in helping us to stay healthy. We have five tips on how you can use honey to help keep you healthier now and into the future.

1. Using Honey to Enhance Your Energy
Honey has been found to be a natural energy enhancer. For those looking for that early morning pick-me-up or an extra jolt before heading out to the gym, try some honey instead of those highly addictive energy drinks. A spoonful of honey with its natural sugars of both glucose and fructose are quickly absorbed by your body, thus giving you that almost instantaneous boost of energy.

2. Using Honey to Soothe Your Sore Throat
Many think that this is an old wives’ tale; however, it is not. To help soothe that sore throat just add honey, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt to a warm cup of water. Then either gargle or sip this mixture to help ease the inflammation that your cold or flu has started. The added bonus is that not only will the honey relief the pain, it will also kill certain bacteria that is the cause of many throat infections.

3. Using Honey to Keep Your Skin Soft
Honey has a very thick structure and will absorb moisture from the air. This makes honey a very good moisturizer. As we get older, our skin will become thinner and drier. By looking for skin products enriched with honey will help to hydrate and restore the elasticity that gets lost in our skin as we age.

4. Using Honey to Heal Your Wounds
Honey is used to help heal those burns, cuts, and wounds that can happen to all of us. History has shown us that honey has long been used as a natural first aid treatment. Honey has natural antibacterial properties that help to keep wounds, cuts, and burns clean and infection free. Honey will also help to reduce swelling and scarring as well as act as an anti-inflammatory.

5. Using Honey as a Healthier Sweetener
Many people avoid honey as it does have more calories than your typical table sugar. However, its benefits may outweigh those extra calories. Honey is naturally sweeter than regular table sugar, therefore you don’t need to use as much. Honey has also been found to help reduce both high cholesterol and blood sugars in most people.

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