Healthy Eating and Diet Tips for Children

Children can’t be expected to take responsibility for something as complicated as diet and food. You ask any child if they want fries or turnip it’s obvious what they would select. Bad eating habits in the home so a child’s weight problem is also the parent’s weight problem. Many kids who are overweight and continue to eat junk foods are on the way to developing very serious conditions such as heart disease.


1. Never use food as a time filler

If your child is throwing a tantrum in the store divert their attention by asking them to help you rather than handing them a bar or potato chips.

2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Always make your child a breakfast and insist they eat it. Select sugar-free cereals and use honey as a sweetner. Milk and oatcakes with honey are just an example of a healthy breakfast.

3. Never force a child to eat

Listen to what your child has to say and respect the foods that they dislike but do not give in to their every whim and police their intake of junk foods.

4. Never comfort a child with food

If you use food as a comforter this starts comfort eating. Everytime your child (or when they grow into adults) are upset or disappointed, they will turn to food as a pacifier. Instead, teach them to do something to feel good about, proud about and comfort eating will never be an issue.

5. Treat Days

If you have a special day during the week that your child knows they are going to get something special such as biscuits and chocolate then they will look forward to that day.

6. Healthy Packed Lunches

Great fillers for a healthy packed lunch include fruit, yogurt, grapes and fruit slices. However, if you’re leaning more towards a keto diet for your children, there are plenty of dietary options that work for you. We suggest checking thisĀ best ketogenic cookbook list for more.

7. Never use food as a reward

If you use food as a reward then your child will automatically think that they deserve a treat. This habit will continue into adulthood and really it achieves nothing.

8. Never Feed In Between Meals

Snacking in between meals is a definite “no”. You have to train an eating habit into a child and make them recognize their feeding times. They have to learn to difference between meals and snacking.

9. Healthy Food

For a main course serve your child boiled potatoes instead of roast potatoes. Fresh veg is an excellent source of nutrition for growing children but never add butter. Poach a child’s egg instead of frying them and beans are a great food source for energy.

10. Junk Food Just Isn’t Worth It

Teach your child from an early age to look after themselves and teach them eating habits that are healthy. Forget the notion that doing without junk food is a punishment for your child. Just because Katie or Jamie go out for junk food regularly does not mean that your child may do so. The entire family needs to eat healthy means and change eating habits. Junk food leads to all kinds of illness including heart disease.

Overweight children need help to stop harmful eating and parents need to promote healthy eating. Encourage your child to eat healthy, wholesome foods and ensure that they get regular exercise at play. Overall, in this junk-filled nation, it is your responsibility to turn back the tide on obese children in your family. Help them to grow into healthy, fit and confident adults.

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