Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan

Yes Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan is available!!!

Health Insurance…do you have it? Health Insurance is one of those types of insurance that everyone needs, but many people go without. Nobody wants to pay for it. Employers don’t want to add the expense to their business and individuals don’t realize that they can find affordable individual health insurance in Michigan. Traditionally employers provided health insurance benefits for their employees. With the current trends of exorbitant premium increases many employers are reducing their benefits or simply not offering health insurance anymore.

People don’t have health insurance for many reasons:

1.Their employers don’t offer it.

2.Small business owners don’t have enough employees to qualify for a group.

3.Self employed people don’t think they can afford it.

4.People just don’t know where to look or they think that individual health insurance is not affordable.

Now I am here to give you an education on how to lower your health insurance premiums without giving up the benefits we use everyday.

First, when you are searching for health insurance, find an insurance broker. A broker is someone who represents many different insurance companies. They have the ability to search the prices of many companies they represent. A captive agent can only sell for one company…the company he/she works for. Another good tip is to find an insurance agent that is local. There are a lot of companies out there that sell health insurance over the phone. Having a local agent that you have seen in person can save you future headaches when it comes to servicing your policy. Your agent is the gatekeeper to the insurance companies. Use them. Any insurance broker that won’t help you after the sale shouldn’t be your agent.

There are ways to decrease your health insurance premiums by increasing your deductible, having a co-insurance. Now wait a minute, before you say “What is the point of having insurance if I can’t use it before I pay a high deductible?”

There are health insurance companies out there that offer really great plans with high deductibles and still offer first dollar coverage for the things we use the most. You can still get office visit co-pays, good prescription plans, yearly physicals, preventative care, and accident benefits. These types of benefits prevent you from having to satisfy your yearly deductible and saving that deductible expense for major healthcare expenses. For example, cancer, heart attacks, strokes.

(You can also increase your coverage by purchasing supplemental plans for these major health conditions. But that is another topic.)

Now the big question…Where can I find affordable health insurance in Michigan. I recommend using a service called Quotes Auction. They help you find health insurance by matching you up with someone who specializes in finding Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan. Keep in mind that when you use any quoting service that you will get phone calls from insurance agents and brokers. Now remember what I said earlier in this article, find yourself an insurance broker. All you have to do is ask if they represent many different companies or just one.

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